We offer courses and live classes for parents and children as they can learn together.


Parents are the first teachers children have, and possibly their most significant.

When parents and child, learn together-there is a lot that they can learn together! ZAPZ Academy offers many courses, webinars and lives with lessons with hundreds of lessons that parents and kids can do around the house, outside, in their neighborhood, and during vacations at different times of year. It also has lessons related to math and science that are easy to try at home.

Access the lessons from tablet, ipad, cell phone, laptop and any other mobile device. Most lessons don't need WiFi to complete so learning doesn't stop when there is no WiFi connection.

Examples Of Lessons Offered By ZAPZ Academy.

When families are involved in education, there are significant benefits for students, educators, and families. Students demonstrate more positive attitudes toward school and learning, higher achievement and test scores, improved behavior, increased homework completion, greater participation in academic activities, improved school attendance, and fewer placements in special education. Educators report greater job satisfaction, higher evaluation ratings from parents and administrators, and more positive associations with families. Parents experience enhanced self-efficacy, better understanding and more positive experiences with educators and schools, improved communication with their children, and better appreciation for their role in their children’s education.


Math is everywhere! When you measure an ingredient for a recipe, tell time, pay a bill, or look at the daily temperature, you are using math.

Exploring the Outdoors

There is so much to see outside - a bird's nest, a flower growing out of the sidewalk, a big rain cloud. These activities can be done outside together and will help you and your child feel more connected to the outdoors - especially when you both need a break from screen time!

Winter & Holiday Activities

Winter vacation and holidays are a great time for learning, reading, and writing together. These ideas share activities connected to the season, as well as tips for getting the New Year off to a good start.


Kids are natural scientists. What makes a rainbow? Why do bananas get brown? These activities help kids explore the big, wild world and think about what scientists do through processes like observation and conducting experiments.

The Parents' Course Guide to Virtual Learning K-12 (FREE)

Simple tips and tricks to improve the virtual learning experience for your children.

In this course, you will learn to: Set the stage by finding and creating the perfect conference area Select the right equipment without breaking the bank Prepare your children and yourself for virtual school. Learn how to stage an area to keep your children focused and how to keep away boredom during the school day. Parents' of school aged children and teachers. This class is for non-technical parents who have children who take part in e-learning.

ZAPZ Smart Box is useful tool for students and its pre-loaded with content and apps only offered from ZNDN Media.


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                        Benefits of Self-paced Learning

  1. Improves Self Confidence
    We can all recall a moment when we raised our hand to answer a question, only to be called on by the teacher, who declared our response wrong. Children are hesitant to express themselves in this sort of atmosphere. Self-paced learning, on the other hand, improves a child's confidence.

  2. Children become Self-driven and Responsible
    When children are given the opportunity to be self-directed from a young age, it becomes a habit that they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Students who are in charge of their own education rapidly find that they are also in charge of other parts of their lives.

  3. Builds Curiosity
    Kids will begin to explore more of their study materials if they are permitted to study anything they want without time limits. It generates a feedback loop in which students continue to seek out topics and subjects that excite and intrigue them, resulting in effective and strong learning.

  4. Learning becomes Meaningful for your child
    Self-driven learning arises from a personal desire and ultimately proves to be the most prudent kind of learning. With self-learning, learning is no longer a chore but a pleasure.