ZAPZ Smart Box device is unlike any other device!

ZAPZ Smart Box device is unlike any other device used to stream audio/video content as it's small in design, but extremely large in features and content access. Compared to two well-known devices such as Roku & Firestick, the ZAPZ Smart Box comes standard with 4K/3D, so there is no need to pay a higher cost for better quality videos. Also, unlike those devices, ZAPZ Smart Box can be used on all televisions. No matter the year it was released. All TVs in the last 20 years have HDMI ports, and older ones use AVI, VGA, etc., and there are adapters that can bridge the gap. With the connector, it would still produce 4K Quality and 3D videos and high-quality sound.


The ZAPZ Smart Box offers a lot of features; many are exclusive just to this device.

* Cast your phone to the TV            

* Watch 3D content

* Surf the web                           

* Read Ebooks

* Phone calls with App

* Do School/Home/Business work

* Watch live TV through Sling or Hulu

* Control your home with Google Assistant


* Play games using your PS4 or Xbox One controller

* Live stream/Video with a web-camera connected

* Watch your personal movie collection with Kodi or Plex

* Catch up on the news with the BBC, CNN, or Fox News

* Listen to music through Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and others.

* Stream movies from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Go, etc.

* And much more!