Is an online learning experience, perfect for children aged from four to 14, created by ZNDN Media to help families keep education going. ZAPZ Academy's mission is to support children by nurturing the skills and attitudes they need to become confident, fearless learners who are hungry for knowledge – traits we can certainly get on board with. Sessions take place online, allowing children to access their individualized learning courses, with expert tutors on hand to provide 1:1 support throughout. Plus, your child gets unlimited access to their own tailored learning course, and ZAPZ Academy supports the whole family with access to an exclusive members area full of parent advice, activities, videos and more.

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Understanding the true scope of eLearning requires a deeper look into how it works and how that translates to smarter, savvier, and more productive learners. Whether you’re a PARENT seeking to make sure your child is learning more effective with direct lessons or a teacher hoping to incorporate more eLearning into your existing programs ZAPZ Academy is the largest Edu'tool-box. 

Using the tools that users already have in their pockets, eLearning turns almost any space and time into an opportunity for development. The many benefits of eLearning can be argued in a number of ways, but the main advantage can be simply boiled down to one component: retention. Learners who are engaged, who are excited about the course material, who actually want to experience the concepts through games, quizzes, discussions and more actually retain information better.


ZAPZ Academy is a learning platform offering thousands of self-paced online courses where students can learn new skills or improve existing ones. Students can learn 1 on 1, Live, In Groups and in the metaverse with VR/AR. Courses can be taken on and offline from any device. ZAPZ Academy Education Bundle consist of the ZAPZ Smart Box, Web Camera, Microphone and Mini Keypad. Plus, bonus learning content and exclusive apps.

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All the tools you need to teach from anywhere: Virtual classroom, 1 On 1, Live, Recorded, Podcast, Audio, Video, Instant messaging, and more — all in one.

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ZAPZ Academy elearning solutions provide much-needed effectiveness for teachers, allowing them to maximize the potential for individual learning curves and styles within the classroom. ZAPZ Academy enables and equip teachers with more teaching tools such as: multimedia, video, chat, music, VR/AR, interactivity and no limits to knowledge.

Students has access to well over 50,000+ lessons in all formats. And we're adding in new content monthly. We also have many contents publishing partners we work with.

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There Is Many Educational Benefits of Cartoons to Children

Children are drawn to cartoons due to the bright colors which communicate better than words. Children learn via the use of the senses so sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell pass messages. Moving pictures with such bright colors capture the imagination of children and pass across messages. Attention Retention, Comprehension, Linguistic Effect, Moral Education, Artistic Foundation, Cognitive, Vocabulary & Others.

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